Караоке-Бар OpenBSD

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4.0: "OpenVOX"

Be Open
Be Vocal
Stay Open
Stay Vocal



Twice a year,
me an' Theo Theorize over beer
at the Ship and outhip all the misers
and take strips out of liars.
He sits me down and he tries to explain:
He says "The badabadabingabanger
button on the raidorama cuttin'
on the systematicalifornication
and a license application
is a fishybomination
and a random allocation
got a copywritten melanoma
sasafrazzin' wireless device".
OK stop.
I get it.
Some asshole lied.

And then he says,
"The crashorama villaination
lawyerific pornication threatifies
the only honest hackerammerunderider
in the cyber cider documation
universal anagrama-attic (I'm outta here)
OK stop.
I get it.
Some asshole said he was "open"
but he was only open for business.
I get it.
Where's my pencils?
Bring me my mic!
Be Open
Be Vocal
Stay Open
Stay Vocal


Then he has another beer and
gets all, you know, pushy.
Make Puffy kill pussies?
And too much thinkin' and kitchen sinkin'
the drawings or toons I should say,
where a fish can talk, be an agent
a hit man or walk, and ride horses
and forces my hand to make Puffy a spy
or a cowboy, or WHY a little girl, in a dream
and fake Floyd as the theme?
And squeeze in five concepts
every time, every song!
And the geeks and Theo lose it
if I draw the device wrong!
"It's four little buttons not five Ty"
And pretty soon I'll be losing my mind
cause it's a f@#!kin' cartoon!

(beat boxin')