Караоке-Бар OpenBSD

Тут не нальют ещё по 50, зато есть песенки

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6.0: "Money"

Money, donate your pay.
Automate with a cron job and we'll be ok.
Thoughtful programming versus "just make it fast".
TLB that cache with high CPU and cause a thrash.
Single cores are out, SMP unlocking
Will get you a faster net stream

Canaries have your back.
In the right place, hacks stop in your protected stack.
Puffy, he's a hit.
Theo doesn't suffer users' ill-informed bullshit.
Fly to hackathons, sleep in dormatory beds
Worldwide userbase, can you fund our project?

Not donating, it's a crime.
Distributed and shared fairly but can't exist on just a dime.
OpenBSD, so they say
Is the securest system today
Don't make us busk until dusk 'cause we'd rather be hacking away