Караоке-Бар OpenBSD

Тут не нальют ещё по 50, зато есть песенки

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6.0: "Black Hat"

Black Hat, out there in the cold
Hacking websites for control
Can you crack me?
Black Hat, working for the Chinese
With twitchy fingers on flashing keys
Can you spoof me?
Black Hat, don't let them put you in the light
Never give in: just fight!

Black Hat, always trying to p0wn,
Social engineering with a phone,
Can you phish me?
Black Hat, with your buffer overflows
Waiting for someone to hit one
Can you probe me?
Black Hat, do you do this for pure knowledge?
They opened the file! Too bad: they're pledged

But it was all futility
The firewall was strong
As all can see
No matter how he tried
He could not break free()
And his worm just sputtered and died

Black Hat, skimming cards down at the bank
always claiming "it was just a prank!"
Can you scam me?
Black Hat, out there on the net
Throwing packets with wget
Can you hack me?
Black Hat, have you no hope at all?
The firewalls were carped: they never fall