Караоке-Бар OpenBSD

Тут не нальют ещё по 50, зато есть песенки

Воспроизводится файл obsd58a.ogg

5.8: "20 years ago today"

It was twenty years ago you see
Theo opened a cvs tree
Made commits to many a file
Joined by others in a very short while

Take a moment to view
The source of all this code
The openbsd cvs repo...

We're the openssh repository
We hope you will enjoy the code
The openntpd repository
But that's not all that's here oh no...
The mandoc 'pository, smtpd 'tory
The libressl repo too

It's wonderful to see the code
Re-used far and wide
The license is so liberal
We'd love for you to code with us
We'd love for you to code...

I don't really want to have to go
But it's hackathon time and so
The coder will commit the code
That he wants all of you to load

So let me introduce to you the one and only Puffy Fish
And the openbsd cvs repo...

B... S... D...